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Arabella, the Magical Fairy of the Limberlost

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Limberlost Branch Noble Co. Public Library

164 Kelly Street

Rome City

Arabella, the Magical Fairy of the Limberlost

Hello, my name is Arabella. I’m the magical fairy of Limberlost. My friends call me Bella, and I really hope you do too. My adventure at Limberlost started on one bright and sunny afternoon when I witnessed the most beautiful book I have ever seen. The book was placed into the book drop and the sun made the glitter on the cover sparkle and sparkle. As embarrassed as I am to admit it, this distraction caused me to run right into a bird midflight! I ended up falling and falling and falling! Don’t worry, I wasn’t hurt too bad. This lovely woman who overlooks the library found me and took me inside so I could heal and get better.

During my stay at Limberlost, I began to understand why so many people love going to the library. The thought of going back home was beginning to make me really sad so I made myself busy and I helped out at the library as much as I could. I must have done a really great job because the most special thing happened to me! One day while organizing all of the shiny paperclips, Jill asked me if I would stay at the library! To work and live!!! I don’t think I have ever been more excited!! This is a dream come true! I get to live in a place with shiny paperclips, glitter covered books, and lots and lots of smiles.

Although I can’t be seen by just anyone, my job here is very important. I sprinkle my special “happiness and love” fairy dust on our books every single day so that when they are checked out our patrons have absolutely no doubt how special and appreciated they are to us here at the Limberlost Branch Library.

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