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Trolls Temper & Tantrum Puddlefoot

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Nightmare on Main Street

625 S Main Street


Trolls Temper & Tantrum Puddlefoot

Welcome to the home of Temper and Tantrum Puddlefoot. It’s no wonder that these Terror Trolls chose to make their home outside of the Nightmare on Main Street Haunted House. ​

This troll family is known for enjoying a good scare…especially when they are providing it. ​

Their favorite activity is to terrify young children by showing their extra-long teeth, which glow in the dark. They also enjoy jumping out of dark places to make children scream.​

The Terror Trolls are most active at night, which is when they roam the streets of Kendallville looking for unattended children.

When they find a child, they form a circle around it, taking turns to chew his or her toenails off. While most children survive, and the sensation is often described as “ticklish,” the procedure does leave children with some very ugly feet. ​

Temper and Tantrum can usually be appeased with a gift of very small stones, which they use for building their homes.​

So…if you are confronted by Temper or Tantrum, you may want to offer them a few pebbles of gravel. If that doesn’t work, your best bet is to run!

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