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Aster and Marigold Lillydew

Sponsored by:

Noble County Public Library East

104 Ley Street


Aster and Marigold Lillydew

They say that the past, present, and future are all connected and affect each other. Whether it is possible to change the future through changing the past is unclear, but it’s certainly fun to think about!

Here before you is the “time portal” door where sister eco-fairies Aster and Marigold Lillydew transport through time. They care deeply for the earth and the nature around them and are also protectors of the beautiful monarch butterfly. Eco-fairies can only be seen when the milkweed pods pop.

Aster and Marigold travel through time scattering the seeds of the milkweed to protect the monarch butterfly, which loves to feed on the milky plant. The monarchs are also important to the survival of the eco-fairies. The male eco fairies (who cannot fly) ride the monarchs to warm climates such as Mexico and California in the winter because they cannot survive the cold. The next time you see a monarch butterfly, look closely – you may just spot a member of Aster and Marigold Lillydew’s family catching a ride!

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