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Kentori and Marriella

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Noble County Public Library Main

813 E Main Street


Kentori and Marriella

This fairy doors opens to the home of Kentori and Marriella, the “Guardian Fairies of the Wild Animals.” They have chosen this door because of their true love for Duke, the Albion Library’s lion. Mariella once lived in the Sahara Desert in Africa among the lion prides, helping the female lions hunt, as well as helping to guard the protected pride lands with the male lions. Mariella loved riding the manes of lions as they roared at sunset, circling their territory to protect their families.

Mariella and Kentori met and fell in love after traveling to Black Pine Animal Sanctuary to visit the wild cats living there. While preferring to visit Black Pine and the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo, they occasionally vacation in Africa and India to see lions in the wild. They are very fond of “Africa,” the lioness currently living at Black Pine and visit her every Tuesday and Saturday.

If you look closely among the tall grass surrounding Duke and you just might see Kentori watching over Duke with love and admiration.

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