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Gnorbert and Tilly Nickleplenty

Sponsored by:

Noble County Public Library West

120 N Jefferson St.


Gnorbert and Tilly Nickleplenty

This gnome door is the entrance to the home of Gnorbert Nickleplenty and his wife, Tilly. Gnomes are known to be guardians of treasure; and, as such, Gnorbert and Tilly guard the great literary works in the Cromwell Library. They are always very happy when spring comes so they can tend to the flower in the library’s flower pots.

In their mischievous moments, they sometimes plant weeds in the pots to see if anyone will notice. Gnorbert can be friendly, but since he can move through solid stone as if it were air and enjoys hiding from humans, it can be very hard to catch a glimpse of him. Tilly is a wonderful baker, and she occasionally leaves little morsels of her baked goodies for the librarians to sample. If you smell something delicious baking, it’s probably her!

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