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Oaken and Iduna, and their children

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Noble Trails

Along the Fishing Line Trail


Oaken and Iduna, and their children

The Arendellian clan of trolls had been nomads since before little Anna could remember. They happened to venture through Noble County. A lizard’s advice had led them to this trail through the county, providing them with safe passage the entire way.

About halfway through their journey into the Noble Trails, they happened across a beautiful rock just off the path. It was polished and looked like it had some engraving on it. The Arendelles didn’t pay attention to that. The important part to them was that they had finally found a safe spot to rest. This rock was obviously there for a purpose and would provide shelter. The patriarch, Oaken, declared that they would stop to rest here for a few days. A few days turned into a few weeks. Weeks turned into months, then years.

Now Oaken and Iduna, and their children, Anna, Mattias, Northundra, and Ryder are residents of the Noble Trails. This is their door. They work with the fairies, gnomes, and woodland creatures to maintain the paths that brought them to the place that they call home.

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