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Turk and Kida & their Children

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Noble Trails II

Along the Fishing Line Trail


Turk and Kida & their Children

For years, gnomes tilled the soil and worked the land to create a transcontinental railroad network. Allowing trains and their raw materials to flow through the land. But after years passed and the land forgot the work of the gnomes, they moved on to new frontiers. They spread out to work on airport runways and highway construction, but they dreamed of the days when they could return to their railroads. As the years passed, their hopes and dreams faded away. Until one day, they read an article in The News-Sun about a new project, Noble Trails. A project meant to repurpose those old railroad tracks into walking, running, and cycling trails for the community. After decades away, the gnomes finally had a reason to return. They flocked back to Noble County to work on the project. Together with the non-profit, the gnomes worked the tracks to get them ready for a new generation.​

This gnome door belongs to the Mortimer clan of gnomes, who worked on the original railroad and now, the trails that begin here. The current clan is made of Kida, her husband, Turk, and many, many children, including Zazu, Weselton, Tantor, Narissa, Gideon, Vlad, Basil, Dinah, and Eilonwy, and one grandchild, Marie with the hope of many, many more.

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