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Chuckie and Lucky Pitterpatz

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Noble Trails III

Along the Fishing Line Trail


Chuckie and Lucky Pitterpatz

Chuckie and Lucky Pitterpatz moved into this sunny spot just as soon as the Noble Trails were completed. And why wouldn’t they? Clearly this forest trail is a virtual paradise for wood gnomes like them! There are plenty of pine nuts and clovers to eat, and on sunny days there are lots of visitors to the trails, who sometimes leave wild strawberries or razzle-berries as a treat. ​

Of course, their favorite food is the morel mushroom, and they have a secret spot where they hunt for them when the weather turns warm.​

Chuckie and Lucky are considered “royalty” in these woods, and if you listen carefully, you can often hear forest chickadees call out in their honor. Chuck-a-dee, luck-a-dee!​

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