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Judy Geneva Joymaker

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Noble Trails IV

Along the Fishing Line Trail

Rome City

Judy Geneva Joymaker

It’s no coincidence that this door – home of Fairy Judy Geneva Joymaker, is located so close to the Gene Stratton Porter Historic Site. Judy is basically an expert on everything that has to do with Gene Stratton Porter, including her unique knowledge and ability to identify the plants and animals indigenous to the area.​

One of the things that makes Judy a unique fairy – perhaps the most special fairy in all of Noble County – is her overwhelmingly loving heart. Just being near her door generally fills even the most callous of souls with a sense of joy and bliss.

If you’d like to leave a token gift for Judy; a tuft of fur, a hand drawn picture, or a book of poems are the things that make her smile the most. She also loves a good song when it’s sung by a sweet girl or boy.

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