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Rumbly Tigger

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Noble Trails V

Along the Fishing Line Trail

Rome City

Rumbly Tigger

Beware! You are now in the presence of DANGER! Behind this door is Rumbly Tigger – a fierce and dangerous Troll of the formidable “stinky cheese breath” species.​

With his sharp teeth, course hair, and beady close-set eyes, Rumbly is known for his ability to scare small children with a simple click of his pointy toenails. As his species name indicates . . . he is a VERY stinky fellow. In fact, you can usually smell him before you see him due to his foul, moldy-rotten fart breath.​

If you DO smell him, you’ll want to get away from this door as soon as possible. Otherwise, YOU might “catch” his skunky smell! If that happens, you’ll need to go home and take a long bath with extra bubbles to get rid of it.

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