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Olivia Poplar, her daughter Quinn, and baby Jake

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Noble Trails VI

Along the Fishing Line Trail


Olivia Poplar, her daughter Quinn, and baby Jake

Fairies have always worked to speak for the forest. Across Noble County, they maintained the balance for all those who inhabited the area around the abandoned railroad tracks. The creatures had enjoyed the peace since the railroads had stopped running. In the railroad’s absence rose a non-profit group called the Noble Trails. They wanted to turn the old railroad beds into walking, running, and biking paths. At the beginning, the news sent the forest into a tizzy. They were concerned that the new group would threaten the decades old peace. The high councilor, Olivia Poplar, decided to reach out to the group to see if she could settle the situation.

Olivia and the rest of the council needed to make sure that the forest was protected. When the railroad was built, the council wasn’t prepared. They didn’t speak up and there were decades worth of consequences. They couldn’t let that happen again, so they arranged a meeting with Noble Trails and discovered that this change was for the better. There would be people outside enjoying the forests that the fairies have protected for centuries. The wildlife would not be harmed, and the forestry may get some much-needed attention. Olivia and all the fairies could not wait for all the people to experience the beauty they had maintained.​

The matriarch, Olivia, and the rest of the Poplars reside just beyond this fairy door. The eldest daughter, Quinn, has a special gift for communicating with the unruliest of woodland creatures (squirrels). The baby of the family, Jake, is the head horticulturist for the forest, maintaining its natural beauty. The remaining Poplars work to continue their family’s legacy in the forest.

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