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Flora Feathercloud

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Flora Feathercloud

Flora Feathercloud is a fairy who lost her wings when she got caught in a terrible storm. She was so upset for so long after the storm that she forgot how to do magic. Whenever there was even a chance of bad weather she stayed inside, hidden under her bed. After a particularly bad rainstorm, Flora peeked out her window to see if the clouds were gone. But instead she saw a ladybug who had broken his antenna. She wanted to help, but without her magic, Flora could only offer to bandage the injury and send the poor creature on his way. She knew that if she wanted to be able to help others, se had to take care of herself . . . even if that meant talking to a human.

So, Flora worked up all of her courage and came to the Northeastern Center to work through her fear and sadness with Connie the human. As she talked with Connie, Flora found that her feelings didn’t seem so heavy. In fact, as she kept coming back to visit Connie, she could remember more and more magic.

Walking home one evening after seeing Connie, Flora walked by a particularly beautiful flower and stopped to enjoy the small. On a leaf, she noticed a lady but with a bent antenna. She recognized the insect that she had bandaged up and thought that maybe, with her magic returned, she could get the antenna back to its original shape. Flora held out a helping hand, closed her eyes tight, and held her breath while gathering her magic…

When she opened her eyes, she saw that she had done it! The ladybug turned in excited circles and jumped up and down. Flora knelt down and gave him a hug and a pat on the head. When she started on her way back home, the ladybug followed.

After learning from Connie the human for several years, Flora decided she could do more to help others. She and her pet ladybug (whom she named Crinkle) moved in at the Northeastern Center and now other fairies come to her when their feelings are too heave. She may not be able to fly, but she makes others feel lighter, and that makes Flora Feathercloud a very happy fairy!

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