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Kellyann Klinkabout

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Northeastern Center Kendallville

1930 Dowling Street


Kellyann Klinkabout

I have a secret! I bet you’d like to know what it is, but I’m afraid I can’t tell. It’s REALLY hard for me to keep secrets, but this one is really big, and if I tell you, I might get tied to a turnip and forced to eat mustard greens! Blah!​

I’m Kellyann Klinkabout, and I’m a whisper fairy. I live here with my daughter, Kora Sue. They call us whisper fairies, because we love to listen to anyone willing to whisper a good secret in our ears. ​

You know who else is really good at keeping secrets? The people who work here at Northeastern Center. In fact, lots of people come here just to tell their secrets to someone that they know will keep it safe. ​

If YOU ever have a secret that you’d like to tell someone, I highly recommend coming here to the Northeastern Center. Sometimes, telling a secret to someone who you trust can really take the weight off of your shoulders.

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