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Pepe the Troll

Sponsored by:

Pizza Forum

120 S Main Street


Pepe the Troll

Pepe doesn’t like people much. What he does like – very, very much – is pizza. It’s all Pepe eats…for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Why else would he choose to build his home at Pizza Forum? They have the best pizza in town, and occasionally even Pepe will splurge for pasta or a sandwich.

If you are lucky enough to see Pepe, you’ll recognize him by his roly-poly figure, and the pizza sauce stains on his plaid shirt (he’s a very messy eater). More likely, you will see the “missiles” that Pepe fires when
eople get too close to his home. If you’re peering into Pepe’s private entrance, you might feel something whiz by your head. Maybe you’ll be close enough to feel a SPLAT on your forehead! That’s just Pepe, trying to pelt you with pepperoni slices to keep you at bay. He’s not a friendly sort, and the pepperoni projectiles
are Pepe’s way of telling you to leave him to eat his pizza in peace.

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