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Mr. Gravelly Grumpypants

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Ragan Chiropractic Clinic

118 E Main Street


Mr. Gravelly Grumpypants

This troll door belongs to Mr. Gravelly Grumpypants and his pet slug, Stinky. Unfortunately, he has a reputation for being a little grouchy, so don’t try to knock on Mr. Grumpypants’ door. Being nocturnal, Gravelly sleeps during the day. He has been known to send his pet slug, Stinky, after anyone who tries to wake him up from his slumber. His favorite things to do are take walks with Stinky through the sewer system, sneak up on squirrels and steal their nuts, and make grumpy faces at everyone he meets. ​

When Mr. Grumpypants isn’t doing those things, he is likely visiting with his friend, Ms. Grouchtrousers, his special troll friend who lives under the courthouse.

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