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Rumpleschnoodle, the Friendly Troll

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Rome City Town Hall

402 Kelly Street

Rome City

Rumpleschnoodle, the Friendly Troll

Welcome to Town Hall, the home of Rumpleschnoodle, the Friendliest Troll in Noble County. As in any town – the creatures who live together must work together as a government. Rumpleschnoodle’s Troll Hole is where the Fairies, Gnomes and Trolls meet and talk about how to make Rome City better. ​

Some of the important decisions they have made including assigning duties to their community members. For example, the town’s Gnomes keep the streets safe from people who might drive too fast or miss a stop sign. Gnomes Jimmy and Pauly wear their badges proudly and love to say hello to all the folks in town.​

The Trolls, on the other hand, paint the leaves green in the spring and beautiful colors in the fall. They also make the snow sparkle in the winter. They repair the holes in the walkways and keep the airways clear for the Fairies to fly to work and school. Of course (being Trolls), they can also be mischievous, and sometimes chase the neighborhood cats.​

The Fairies are in charge of giving out licenses for the fairies to fly, the Gnomes to drive their carts, and the Trolls to tunnel under the town. ​

In many ways, the Fairies, Gnomes and Trolls keep the town running smoothly.

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