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Gleeson Flyright

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Seth J. Tipton

104 S Main Street


Gleeson Flyright

Miss Gleeson Flyright was appointed Guardian Fairy over all of Avilla’s public helpers when she turned 13 years old. The youngest ever Gaurdian, she is always looking to help those who help others. Gleeson was a perfect pick as her fast flying skills and full caring heart are unmatched. Miss Flyright is always on the ready to watch over firefighters, police officers, nurses, and other rescue workers.

When Gleeson is not in action lending a helping wing, she volunteers as a Guardian Fairy coach. Miss Flyright always shows patience and care in working with newly appointed Guardians. Some people say that if you look closely at the horizon, just as the sun sets over the town, you can see Gleeson’s fairy dust trail as she darts around over the town keeping an eye on all of our public helpers.

Gleeson’s favorite hobby is collecting stickers. If you are lucky enough to find Miss Flyright’s little pink door, consider leaving her a sticker. It has been said that those who do, receive 100 years of Guardian Fairy good luck! Look to the sky and you may just catch a glimpse of the sparkle trail of this little town’s fast flying fairy with a huge servant’s heart.

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