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Engine Gnome Edith & Edgar Eddell & family

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550 W North Street


Engine Gnome Edith & Edgar Eddell & family

Here you will find the home of Edith and Edgar Eddelfinger and their 7 sons; Edwin, Erwin, Edward, Erving, Eldon, Egor, and Lumpy.

This family of Gnomes is especially interesting, as they are Engine Gnomes, which means they can disassemble and rebuild a car with expert dexterity, and within minutes. These Engine Gnomes take great care in ensuring that every car that is purchased by the Shepherd’s Family Auto Group is spic-n-span clean, and in top running condition. ​

While this friendly family of gnomes is a hard-working bunch, some of the boys lack good hygiene. In fact, they often leave their finger prints (black from car grease) on everything they touch. If you look hard enough, you may find one of their prints around the outside of their home. Because of this, a proper “Welcome to Kendallville” gift might be a tiny bar of soap, or a mint leaf (to mask their odor).

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