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Art Fairies Palletina & Derwent Scribblestroke

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SOZO Art Studio

102 S Main Street


Art Fairies Palletina & Derwent Scribblestroke

The Fairy Door you see here is home to the art studio of Palletina and Derwent Scribblestroke.

Oh how wonderful that you have come to visit the SOZO studio! I am Pallentina Scribblestroke and I live here with my husband, Derwent. We just love bringing color and creativity to Kendallville! ​

I’ll bet you wonder what that silly word “sozo” means, now don’t you. It has a lot of meanings, actually, but my favorite is that it means to heal or make something all better. And don’t you know it, that’s just what art does! It can take a gloomdoggle day and turn it right round to a sunfunny day with one stroke of a pixie paint brush. ​

We do like to have fun here. My dear friend, Carmeline Fancypants, from across the street at Fairy Tales comes over now and again after work just to sip fizzwiggle juice and eat thistletops and berries while we paint away the hours. Sometimes LeeLa from down at the sweet shop joins us. We love it when she comes because she always brings some sweet new creation. Oh dear! You should have seen it the night the three of us sculpted! We giggled so much Derwent came up to the studio to see what in the fairy world was going on.

Now I know what you’re thinking, but we really didn’t have THAT much fizzwiggle juice…it was just the joy of creating things out of our pure imagination that made us all giddyfeathers. (Thank goodness what happens at Sozo stays at Sozo, or Carmeline would have some stories for her column in the Fairy Tales!)​

Say, before you go, I wonder if you have any youngins around your house. Here at Sozo, we just love it when childeypops come to create. We have all sorts of classes and they can let their creativity buggledypop right out of its jar around here. Before you know it, their imagination will run just as wild as a rascalbat and we know happy, creative childeypops are always the top of their class!​

We love to paint little rocks to leave around town for humans to find. If you think of it, leave one or two by our door and we’ll get right on that. Just make sure you are careful about the shop next door…they have all manner of squiggley wibbles and finny finaggles in there!

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