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Sprinkle Fairy Miss Tweezy Whittle

Sponsored by:

Tasty's Donuts

441 W North Street


Sprinkle Fairy Miss Tweezy Whittle

Hello! Let me introduce myself. I am Miss Tweezy Whittle. Welcome to my tiny home. If I could choose anywhere in the world to live, it would absolutely be this very spot. Do you know why? One word: SPRINKLES!

I love sprinkles. All flavors, shapes and colors. And, guess what is inside of this donut shoppe....SPRINKLES! I spend my day gathering honey and butter cream buds to add to the donut’s glorious sweetness. At night, I cozy up with a quilt, a cup of wildflower tea and sprinkles!

Hey guys. If by chance, you get a donut and would be so kind as to share a sprinkle with me, I would be just as giddy as a twiddle bug!

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