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Cherokee Picklepull

Sponsored by:

The ARC Foundations of Noble County

506 S Orange Street


Cherokee Picklepull

Long ago there was a special Gnome named Cherokee Picklepull. He was special because he was born different that all the other gnomes; with a forgetful memory and an arm on his left side that was much smaller than the other. This made it very difficult for Cherokee to do normal gnome activities, like playing “catch a rabbit” or “toss a robin’s egg.” But there was one other thing that make Cherokee special, and that was his giant, loving heart, and sense of joy. So…even though there were lots of things he couldn’t do, the other gnomes always loved being near Cherokee and making him smile and giggle. He had the best giggle you’ve ever heard! Because of all his special traits, this door was built in his honor, and is a place where other “special” gnomes often come to stay for an hour or a day.​

There are lots of special people here at the Arc, just like Cherokee. If you get the chance to meet some of them, be sure to share a funny joke or story with them and see if you can make them giggle like Cherokee.

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