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Delilah Delightful

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The Bowen Center

101 E Park Drive


Delilah Delightful

Have you ever noticed how some people (and fairies) seem sad? It makes me wonder why. Did the drop their ice cream cone, or skin their knee? Did they lose a tooth and forget to put it under the pillow? Or maybe they got in trouble for telling a fib or saying a naughty word like “fart” or “booger.” ​

It’s sometimes hard to know what makes others sad, but I’m glad there are places like this to help them. Here at the Bowen Center there are a whole bunch of people whose job it is to turn that sadness around and make people (and fairies) happy again. That’s why I love living here. I’m Delilah Delightful, and I’m a forgiveness fairy. I make sure that sad people know that even when they’ve made a terrible mistake (like eating a mud pie), they can always be forgiven and find joy again. No one should ever have to feel sad for very long. Don’t you agree?

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