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Raven Riverswell

Sponsored by:

Three Rivers FCU

551 W North Street


Raven Riverswell

Not everyone can be a hero, but Raven Riverswell comes pretty close. Raven was named after a bird (a raven), which symbolizes prophesy and insight (that basically means they’re really good at figuring stuff out). In fact, ravens are known for their high level of intelligence. Did you know that? ​

Raven the gnome lives here at Three Rivers and uses his raven-like sharp intelligence to help Three Rivers’ customers make good decisions with their money. That’s why he’s a hero. He helps people decide whether they should apply for a loan, whether they can afford to buy a corncob cottage or a pine log cabin, and whether they should plant chickpeas or cilantro in their garden. All very tough choices!​

If you ever have a tough decision to make about money (or gardening advice), be sure to call Three Rivers and ask for Raven. You can’t go wrong with his guidance and foresight.

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