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Gnomes Liv, Uni & Ted Way

Sponsored by:

United Way of Noble County

401 E Diamond Street


Gnomes Liv, Uni & Ted Way

Like many families, the Way family has become stronger after experiencing a tragedy. The home of Liv, Uni and Ted Way was destroyed when a dust devil tore through the alley near their home. While they lost their house, they didn't lose their faith. Because they have always done their best to take care of their other fairy and gnome friends, the community pulled together to help them rebuild. Now, they have a brand new home and an even stronger commitment to lend a hand to their friends and neighbors when needed.​

The Way Family's Original Story:​

This is the humble home of the Way family of gnomes. Liv, Uni, and their son, Ted, take care of each other, and welcome all members of the fairy, gnome and even troll community into their family.​

Uni is proud of his garden, and doesn’t hesitate to share his bounty with those who need a fresh vegetable or ripe fruit. Liv loves little children, and the neighborhood kids flock to the Way house for treats warm from the oven, a little help with their homework, or just a motherly hug. Ted is pretty handy with a hammer and lends help when the neighbors need a window installed, insulation added or a mushroom top re-roofed.​

The neighborhood is diverse, with so many fairies, trolls and gnomes moving to town, but they all know that if they are in need, they can count on Liv, Uni and Ted Way.

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