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Ernie Greenbacher

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Ernie Greenbacher

Yes, who is it? I’m a very busy gnome…no time for idle chit chat!

Oh…all right. I’ll introduce myself.

My name is Ernie Greenbacher. I am an inventor, but I prefer being called an “entrepreneur.” I like to be my own boss. I am very creative. I’ve made some pretty cool things, but not everything I’ve invented has caught on. I have a whole room of gadgets down here that nobody wanted. You know what? It’s okay to fail. I have learned a lot of lessons from my mistakes and failures. That’s how I came up with some of my best inventions!

I come from generations of ingenious gnomes. Some of my ancestors were great military leaders. Now, I’m not saying that all the gnomes who came before me were famous or wealthy. Lots of them were happy working a nine to five job making widgets and raising happy little gnomes. Someone has to me the widgets! I have a cousin, Rowdy O. Redenbacher, who was a garden gnome before he became a successful farmer. He and his wife, Poppy, raised 18 little gnomes.

I have some gnome friends in Albion who are teachers. One is a doctor. I know gnomes who work in some of the local stores and restaurants. My sister, Iwana Greenbacher, leads our local gnome arts council and works part-time in the library basement.

Our gnome community is like any other. We all come together to help each other. We buy and sell things to each other. We have fun together. Our kids grow up together. Some leave, but some stay or come back when they realize we have a pretty good life here. What I want most for my community is for every gnome to live a safe, comfortable, happy life. I want our businesses to success and grow and to help make our community even stronger each year.

I could go on and on -- but talking to you doesn’t pay my bills! I need to get back to work now. It was nice to meet you! Come back soon…

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