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Baking Fairy Leela

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201 S Main Street


Baking Fairy Leela

Hi! My name is LeeLa the fairy. Thank you for visiting me!

Let me tell you a little about myself….I have a love for all things sweet! Give me some sugar, flour and eggs and I’ll turn it into something delightful - stop inside my shop and see! (Pssstttt….try the chocolate chip cookies! You won't be disappointed!)​

What I love most about my job is cake decorating. It has always been my passion. I love unique ideas that keep me guessing. From wedding to anniversary and birthday cakes, I love to create! I have worked REALLY hard to be able to create the things I do.

While working another job, I find-tuned my love of cake by teaching myself all the classic and trendy ideas. I made cakes and treats for friends and family just to be able to learn.​

When it came time to find my very own place, I was nervous. I looked at several different doors and none of them felt right…until now. When I walked through this one I knew this was it! Time to do what I love FULL TIME!

So WELCOME! Welcome to my home, my heart, my pride. Hang out for a bit and have a treat or stay for lunch! Some days….if the timing is right….you can catch me in action doing what I love the most. See you inside!

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